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16 February 1996

Summary :

This document lists the reservations made by the EZLN to the terms of the Agreement on indigenous rights and culture of Chiapas, which consists of four sub-agreements: Document 1. Joint Declaration that the Federal Govt and the EZLN shall submit to national debating and decision-making bodies; Document 2. Joint Proposals that the Federal Govt and the EZLN agree to remit to the National Debating and Decision-Making Bodies in accordance with Paragraph 1.4 of the Rules of Procedure; Document 3.1. Commitments for Chiapas by the State and Federal Govts and the EZLN under para. 1.3 of the Rules of Procedure; Document 3.2. Actions and Measures for Chiapas Joint Commitments and Proposals from the State and Federal Govts, and the EZLN

Parties :
EZLN, Mexican Govt
Third Parties :
Statehood/Identity :
Not Applicable
Governance/Democratic Inst :
7. In order to strengthen the municipalities, the delegation of the EZLN considers that explicit commitments by the government are required to guarantee their access to adequate infrastructure, training and economic resources.
Women :
'3. In regard to the topic Situation, Rights and Culture of Indigenous Women, the delegation of the EZLN considers the present points of agreement insufficient. Owing to the triple oppression suffered by indigenous women, as women, as indigenous persons and as poor persons, they demand the building of a new national society, with another economic, political, social and cultural model that includes all Mexicans, both women and men.'
Amnesty :
Not Applicable
Past Mechanism :
Not Applicable
Prisoner Release :
Not Applicable
Victims :
Not Applicable
Criminal Justice Reform :
Not Applicable
National Human Rights Inst :
Not Applicable
Human Rights Framework :
5. With regard to guarantees of full access to justice, the delegation of the EZLN considers that the need to appoint interpreters in all trials and lawsuits involving indigenous persons should not be ignored, ensuring that said interpreters are expressly accepted by the accused and that they know the language and are familiar with the indigenous culture and legal system; 6. The delegation of the EZLN considers it essential that legislation be passed to protect the rights of migrants, both indigenous and non-indigenous, within and outside national borders.
Judicial Reform :
Not Applicable
Policing :
Not Applicable
Refugees/Land :
Art. 1 'the EZLN insists in pointing out the lack of solution to the grave national agrarian problem, and the need to amend Article 27 of the Constitution, which should reflect the spirit of Emiliano Zapata, summarized in two basic demands: the land belongs to those who work it, and Land and Freedom.'
Civil Society :
Not Applicable
Dev& Socio-Economic Rights :
Art. 2 'With regard to sustainable development, the delegation of the EZLN considers it insufficient for the government to compensate indigenous peoples for damage caused on their lands and territories, once the damage has been caused. There is a need to develop a policy of true sustainability that preserves the lands, territories and natural resources of indigenous peoples, in short, that takes into account the social costs of development projects.'
Enforcement Mechanism :
Convention 169 of the ILO invoked. '4. In general terms the delegation of the EZLN considers it necessary that, in each case, the times and terms in which the agreements should be put into practice be specified and that, to that end, the indigenous peoples and the pertinent authorities should program and schedule their implementation by mutual accord.' D. The parties shall submit to national debating and decision-making bodies and to other pertinent bodies the three accompanying documents, which contain the agreements and commitments reached by the parties. E. Both parties assume the commitment to submit the present resolution to national debating and decision-making bodies and to the pertinent bodies of the state of Chiapas, in the understanding that the points indicated in subparagraph B should also be considered by said bodies as material resulting from the dialogue.
International Community :
Convention 169 of the ILO invoked.
UN Involvement :
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