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The Transitional Justice Peace Agreements Database.  
Database - Record for : East Timor Popular Consultation Agreement Regarding Security
Record 378

Country :

East Timor

Agreement Title/Name:
East Timor Popular Consultation Agreement Regarding Security
Year :
Date Signed :

5 May 1999

Summary :

It was agreed that a peaceful environment was pre-requisite for holding of ballot with responsibility resting with the Indonesian security authorities. Provision was made for the drafting of a code of conduct for the parties by the Commission on Peace and Stability and for the UN Secretary-General to ascertain if the necessary security situation existed for ballot to take place peacefully. Provides for Indonesian military provision of a secure environment free of violence and intimidation for the popular ballot.

Parties :
Govt of Indonesia, Govt of the Portugal, UN (equal parties)
Third Parties :
Statehood/Identity :
Not Applicable
Governance/Democratic Inst :
Not Applicable
Women :
Not Applicable
Amnesty :
Not Applicable
Past Mechanism :
Not Applicable
Prisoner Release :
Not Applicable
Victims :
Not Applicable
Criminal Justice Reform :
Not Applicable
National Human Rights Inst :
Not Applicable
Human Rights Framework :
Not Applicable
Judicial Reform :
Not Applicable
Policing :
Not Applicable
Refugees/Land :
Not Applicable
Civil Society :
Not Applicable
Dev& Socio-Economic Rights :
Not Applicable
Enforcement Mechanism :
2. Commission on Peace and Security established in the Dili Agreement to become operational without delay and to cooperate with the UN on a code of conduct for all parties; 3.objective evaluation by UN that the necessary security situation prevails prior to the start of registration; 4. Indonesian Police to be solely responsible for the maintenance of law and order (no. of UN civilian police officers to act as advisers).
International Community :
Outside East Timor, special registration centres will opened in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Ujung Pandang, Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Lisbon, Maputo, Macau, New York with adjustments to be made as appropriate. The United Nations may utilize the services of the Australian Electoral Commission for the balloting in Australia and of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Portugal and elsewhere; International observers will be able to observe the consultation process under terms to be developed by the United Nations to regulate their presence. A number of international civilian police will be available in East Timor to advise the Indonesian Police during the operational phases of the popular consultation and, at the time of the consultation, to supervise the escort of ballot papers and boxes to and from polling sites.
UN Involvement :
party to agmt; Immediately following the conclusion of the agreement the Secretary-General will, subject to the appropriate legislative mandate, begin preparations for the popular consultation by deploying in East Timor such personnel as will be adequate for the purpose of executing the various phases of the consultation process. The United Nations logo will appear on the ballot papers.The United Nations will disseminate and explain the content of the main Agreement and the autonomy document in an impartial and factual manner inside and outside East Timor; The Secretary-General will seek the approval of the Security Council for the operation in order to ensure assessed budgetary funding. Voluntary contributions will be channeled through a Trust Fund established for this purpose.
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