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Database - Record for : Political Charter
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Country :


Agreement Title/Name:
Political Charter
Year :
Date Signed :

10 April 1996

Summary :

Agreed that the unity of Sudan would be preserved and that a referendum would be held by the people of the southern Sudan to determine their political aspirations after the full establishment of peace and stability. Also provided that the Sudanese people should be encouraged to freely express their different values; that freedom of religion and belief should be observed; and that power and national wealth should be shared equitably for the benefit of the citizens. Agreed that citizenship would further the values of justice, equity, freedom and human rights, and that the Shar?ia and custom would be the sources of legislation. A co-ordination council was to be formed between Southern States to implement the Agreement and the parties agreed to work together for stability and improvement of living conditions in war-affected areas.

Parties :
Govt of Sudan, South Sudan Independence Movement, SPLM
Third Parties :
Statehood/Identity :
2. the unity of Sudan within its known boundaries shall be preserved. 3. at the end of an interim period, a referendum in Southern Sudan to determine the political aspirations of the people. 6. Sharia and custom shall be the sources of legislation. 7. Cultural diversity in Sudan is recognised and encouraged.
Governance/Democratic Inst :
4. 'Recognizing the constitutional development, implementation of federal system and political practice based on the values of participatory democracy, the parties shall endeavor to boost the progress in these fields in the light of changing situations.'
Women :
Not Applicable
Amnesty :
Not Applicable
Past Mechanism :
Not Applicable
Prisoner Release :
Not Applicable
Victims :
Not Applicable
Criminal Justice Reform :
Not Applicable
National Human Rights Inst :
Not Applicable
Human Rights Framework :
6. Sharia and custom shall be the sources of legislation. 8. guarantees freedom of religion
Judicial Reform :
Not Applicable
Policing :
Not Applicable
Refugees/Land :
Not Applicable
Civil Society :
4. advocates constitutional reform 'based on the values of participatory democracy'
Dev& Socio-Economic Rights :
9. 'Social development is an extreme priority', esp. allieviation of poverty, ignorance, and illiteracy. 10. power and national wealth to be shared equitably
Enforcement Mechanism :
11. Coordinating Council to be formed between the Southern states for better implementation of the Accord. 14. 'Sudanese in general and Southerners in particular shall be mobilized to rally behind and support the subsequent peace agreement.'
International Community :
13. The Sudan shall interact with African and Arab nations and world community on the basis of the effective Sudanese identity for the benefit of the country.
UN Involvement :
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