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The Transitional Justice Peace Agreements Database.  
Database - Record for : 1997 Draft Constitution
Record 69

Country :

Sri Lanka

Agreement Title/Name:
1997 Draft Constitution
Year :
Date Signed :

March 1997

Summary :

Devolution proposal for Tamil region from Govt of Sri Lanka set out in draft proposed constitution for Sri Lanka. Provides for regional councils with limited legislative powers.

Parties :
Govt of Sri Lanka
Third Parties :
Statehood/Identity :
Preamble asserts unity of the nation.Chapter 1 sets out state soveriegnty: SL as a union of regions, no region is to promote secession or alteration to regions, Regional Councils to have legislative powers, and advisory powers to national executive. Sets out national flag, national anthem, and national day of Sri Lanka. State to give Budhism foremost place. Chapter 4. Official languages: 27. The Official languages of Sri Lanka shall be Sinhala and Tamil. Chapter 5. Citizenship of Sri Lanka: 49. (1) There shall be one status of citizenship known as "the status of a citizen of Sri Lanka." Ch. 6. 'Directive Principles of state policy' - rhetorical commitment by state to support pluri and multi-ethnic character of SL while preserving national unity.
Governance/Democratic Inst :
Chapters VII to XII set out power and functions of central exec and central legislature.
Women :
Not Applicable
Amnesty :
Not Applicable
Past Mechanism :
Not Applicable
Prisoner Release :
Not Applicable
Victims :
Not Applicable
Criminal Justice Reform :
Chapter 25 sets out provisions on judicial independence
National Human Rights Inst :
Chapter 24. provides for establishment of courts
Human Rights Framework :
Chapter 3 sets out Fundamental rights and freedoms. Remedy for the infringement of fundamental rights by State action 26. Every person shall be entitled to apply to the Supreme Court as provided by Article 168 in respect of the infringement or imminent infringement, by State action, including executive or administrative action, of a fundamental right to which such person is entitled under the provisions of this Chapter, or by judicial action by courts exercising original criminal jurisdiction, of a fundamental right to which such person is entitled under Article 10
Judicial Reform :
Chapter 25 sets out provisions on judicial independence
Policing :
Not Applicable
Refugees/Land :
Not Applicable
Civil Society :
Not Applicable
Dev& Socio-Economic Rights :
Not Applicable
Enforcement Mechanism :
International Community :
UN Involvement :
Source :

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